Thursday, November 3, 2011

Breaking News

For my few dedicated readers, starting next week I will start a weekly posting of "Wear This, Not That, Wednesday's." I will give you the inside scoop on what MY major fashion faux pas are and what really isn't appropriate to wear- Get excited!!!!

Cry Baby Tara

I love hearing stories from my parents and uncles about how things were when they were younger and what they used to do when they were growing up. My one uncle, who I will call Julio, is the best at telling stories about his childhood. He does very good impressions, but that's beside the point.

Besides those stories, I like to hear stories about myself as a child. What's funny is, after hearing these stories I have a better understanding of where in the world I came from.

I refuse to be labeled as a "girly girl," I prefer the term feminine. I am feminine. I have always been that way with the exception of 5th-7th grade. Those were more of my grunge/extremely awkward years. And I will use the term "awkward" loosely, because I was more than awkward and it was more than a 2 year time span.

But, getting back on track, from what I am told by my parents I was a bit different than any other young child. I was told that when we would go to the beach, I would sit in my miniature lounge chair with my feet ever so slightly above the sand and dangle them in mid air, because I hated being dirty. If a single toe touched the sand I would burst into tears. ( I know, what you are thinking...the most annoying child ever)

Besides that, I cried for any professional picture that was taken of me- including the dreaded school photos. However, that trend stopped after 1st grade- thankfully. My mom tells me I would cry if anyone looked at me for more than 30 seconds. That may or may not still be the case today.

Oh wait... it gets better. In Kindergarten my teacher sent a note home. From what I am told, it went something like this:

"Dear Mrs. S, Tara needs to start wearing pants to school. We go outside every day and Tara can't play with a dress on."

After I was forced to wear pants, my mother received another note:

"Dear Mrs. S, Tara rolls up her pant legs at school every day. I let her know that it is okay to get dirty."

Besides that, I was told that I cried everyday while getting on the bus. In my defense if I had to get on that smelly school bus today I would probably still cry. Gross.

My parents definitely had their hands full with me, but I have to admit, how could you say "NO" to this?
(And for the records, after turning 4 and continuing to this day... I hear the word "NO" quite often.)

To prevent this from happening again, when my sister came along my mother gave her the "bowl cut," if you would. And they forced her to enjoy being dirty- Sorry, Erica!

I fear that when I have children, my daughter will be a crazed drama queen. Lord help me.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?

Can you believe it? October is over? There is snow on the ground and November starts on Tuesday? Where has the time gone? And while we're at it, what's with the weekend flying by, and the sun going down at 1pm? (Mind you, we haven't even turned back the clocks) I believe Cher says it best in her song "If I Could Turn Back Time."

I know I JUST wrote a blog about a week ago explaining why I love the Fall so much, but we seriously had "Fall" for two weeks and I didn't even get to enjoy it completely. If I do recall...I believe that just 2 weeks ago it was in the 80's. Anyway, for the record- I am okay with October being gone and I'm all about November knocking at the door...but the snow is NOT okay. I could have sworn that I heard that this winter would be mild compared to last years. That Mother Nature is one frigid, cold hearted, BEEEEEEP!This weekend that Mother, sure put a damper on many Halloween activities.

I am excited for what November has to offer, Thanksgiving!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all. Plus, I'm very excited about Black Friday- my second favorite holiday. I feel like the stores are already preparing. This weekend I went to my favorite place, Target. I don't know what they pump through the air there, or who does their marketing, but it just does something to me. Target does an amazing job during the holidays. It makes me want to come back more, and more, and more, and more than I usually do.

Any who...farewell October, I will miss you. As for November, bring it on!

Here are some pictures that sum up my weekend...
 I chose this picture to depict Target, because I really enjoy the pillars.
 I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte at D.D.- It was very tasty- and I'm not much of a pumpkin OR coffee that I think of it, not sure why I even chose this beverage.

This was my Halloween Part II. Kiss was definiately, better planned, but being a Flapper was fun too! I decided to do some minor editing to this picture. I wore red lipstick...and apparently I have no top lip.

Lastly, my BFF ran her marathon. I am very proud of her, I sure as heck know I could never do that!!! Congrats Sarah!
That's Sarah in the purple. Apparently there was no snow in D.C.
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