Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Golden Years

Good evening all  followers anyone who stumbled upon this blog.

For those who thought I retired from the blogging world, I just wanted to let you know..I'm still kickin'!!!

Did you know that I had all of last week off? Did you also happen to notice the lack of productivity I produced throughout my week off?

I can't say I didn't do anything, because that's far from the truth. I did however spend a decent amount of time with this fox...
My Gram recently had surgery on her back, so I tried to keep her company as much as I could. While watching her recooperate from her surgery, I was again reminded of how much I DO NOT want to get old. No offense to my Grandmother or anyone over 30 for that matter (I kid).

Besides being feisty and a fox, this lady is full of wisdom. She told me that the whole idea of The Golden Years was a crock of you know what. She said that the only thing golden about her older years was her "urine" (which for the record can probably be resolved by consuming more water).

Any who, although this surgery has gotten my Gram off her feet, I am happy to say that she is getting back to her normal self. She also inspired me to live it up!

So, besides visiting with Lou this past week, I also caught up with friends and made time for myself!

Pictures of my week off? Of course I didn't snap a single photo, but please insert my face in these pictures. A little imagination never killed anyone...

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