Monday, March 5, 2012

Whose Wagon are You Riding?

Besides being late with posting, I was also late with the whole Adele saga. I missed the first trip on the bandwagon, but am now riding along with everyone else. Sureee, I thought she was good, but I didn't know how good.

After pondering for about 15 minutes in Target, trying to decide if I wanted to purchase the Best of Whitney or Adele CD- I finally made a decision (I am the worst at making decisions, the WORST).
I am pretty confident that I made the best decision and that the CD has been on repeat in my car since the moment of the big purchase.

Do you know who else was happy with my purchase? My Dad! Apparent, besides taking down bucks and doing manly things he enjoys the vocals of Adele himself. Who would have known?

Besides jumping Adele's bandwagon, I also am riding first class on this bandwagon...

The new ABC show, GCBChenoweth is hilarious. Her larger than life "Christian"/Texas personality and her even bigger closet of designer clothes has got me hooked!!! What does GCB stand for you ask? Good-Christian-Belles...or is it Bitches?
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