Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello, My Name is...

For all those who were wondering, yes I am alive.

I can tell you a million reasons as to why I have been non-existent. But, lets just say...I needed a break. I still need a break. A tropical vacation may do the trick, but since that is not in the near or distant future, let me just fresh your minds as to exactly I am.

My name is, Tara.

This reminds me of a story, that I have yet to tell. I almost forgot about it until I witnessed a similar situation happen to my dear friend, Chandler Bing. Yes, I know him personally. Or, I pretend to know him. Same. Thing. (For those who do not know who Chandler Bing is, he's from my very favorite show, Friends)

Before subbing in the current school I am working in, I worked as a Teacher's Assistant in another school, for privacy reasons this school will be known as School X.
And so it begins...

I worked at school X for about 6 months. All the people I knew were extremely nice, and are/were great people. Even the people who I didn't know, or who didn't know me were nice. Which brings me to the story...

One teacher, the only teacher who ate lunch with me in the faculty room (Yes, I am a loser. Yes, I am okay with that), referred to me as, Stacy. She would address me as Stacy, and not to be rude...I answered to Stacy. While eating she would say, "Hey Stacy,would you mind passing me the salt?" Or, "Hey Stacy, how was your weekend?" It even got to the point where she nick-named me "Stace."

As this had gone on for some time now, I was unsure as to how to address it.

This woman was the sweetest lady, and she was my only lunch buddy- so I didn't want to rock the boat, so to speak.

Well, one day I ended up working with her in the class she was in, along with another colleague. She kept referring to me as "Stace," but the other teacher/colleague had no idea who she was talking about and/or who "Stace" was. Until I finally, mustered up the courage to confess my true identity. I could barely get the words out because I found it extremely humorous and thought it would be a perfect skit for a sitcom (you're welcome, Friends).

After this, my lunch buddy STILL referred to me as "Stacy," and I am sure if I still worked at School X, she would've continued to call me "Stace."


So for my followers, if there are even any of you left. Let me remind you, my name is, Tara.

Thanks for stopping by!

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