Friday, January 6, 2012

Not Good Enough for MTV

Remember that MTV show,"Made"?  The contestants had like a month or so to magically find their hidden talent? I apparently didn't get picked because I have yet to find my hidden talent.

During my younger years. I tried out dance. I stuck with it for 5 years. You might be wondering...was I any good? That is neither here nor there.  I stuck out like a sore thumb. NOT because of my dancing ability, I will stress that. I was just so awkward looking. Mouth full of braces, extremely thin and for some reason, I had an enormous head, and was taller than the rest. 

Notice Erica's bowl-cut...

See what I mean?

Any who... One time in college, years back (joking) I had to take a public speaking class. However, the class was more like a drama class...or a time for you to absolutely humiliate yourself. My professor (who was a comedian at the time- you can find his skits on YouTube..bizarre) told us that he could tell what kind of person we were by the way we walked. Individually, each person had to walk around the room and be evaluated. My professor told me he could tell I was a dancer. to avoid anymore more embarrassment or conversation in front of the entire class, I agreed. Little did he, or any of my class know that I danced throughout 1st-5th grade.

The only dancing I do now is behind close, locked, bolted doors, or when I have had a couple drinks *drink responsibly* Occasionally I go to Zumba classes, or take a "Body Jam" class at my gym. After leaving either of those classes I pretend that I have just left the choreography studio and that I will be in the next Lady Gaga music video.

One can dream. What is your secret talent?

MTV I want to be MADE!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tonight's Lineup

I cannot be any happier with the new line-up of prime TV that is starting this month!!!!

I don't usually watch that much TV, but with this new line-up, my weeknights are going to be swamped. Who can argue? After a hectic day you are by far authorized to kick back and watch an hour or two of the boob tube.

Let me give you the run down of my TV schedule...

Sundays- are currently open for suggestions

Mondays call for Pretty Little Liars at 8pm on ABC Family, followed by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at 9pm on Bravo.

Tuesdays start with The Biggest Loser from 8-10pm on NBC (Woohoo- Go Pink Team!!!), and end with Dance Mom's at 10pm on Lifetime.

Wednesdays, well Wednesdays of course include Suburgatory at 8:30pm and Modern Family at 9pm on ABC. Why they don't extend these shows to an hour is beyond me. If Cheryl Hines and Sofia Vergara can't make you smile, you may want to consider investing in a new sense of humor. How is THIS not funny?

Thursdays...well unfortunately, I hate to admit it, but I do get my guilty pleasure out of Jersey Shore on MTV at 10pm.

AND who can forget, American Idol season 11 starts January 18th!!!!

After re-reading this post I am embarrassed and reconsidering my social life... don't judge.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New You?

I'm trying people, I'm trying. 2012, a new year...a new YOU! Blah, blah, blah.

I guess there's more to it than just thinking it. I have been doing some research and I have repeatedly come across the same facts: vegetables, fruits, antioxidants, and exercise (my least favorite). These apparently are the keys to success.

I wake up each day telling myself to eat healthy and to exercise. How do you think that turns out? Not as planned that's for sure. I guess it doesn't help that my weekly schedule is so bizarre. Between subbing and tutoring I am always coming and going. I have been searching high and low on Pinterest and on the web for helpful facts and tips.

Within my research I found a few helpful tips that I will share with you..

1. Egg whites help speed up your metabolic rate- who doesn't like a fast metabolism? Plus they are full of protein.
2. Eating spicy food helps to suppress your appetite.
3. Anything with pomegranate is very healthy, as pomegranate is full of antioxidants.
4. Lentils? are supposedly very healthy for you. They are full of fiber and protein.
5. Low-fat yogurt eats stomach fat.
6. Berries are also very good for you, and tasty too! Frozen berries serve the same purpose if you're on a low budget.
7. Avocado and hummus are healthy snacks.

That's all I got, folks. I am sure you probably knew all of these facts already, but if can associate me with your weight loss in 2012. "You're welcome."

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Here!!!!

2012 is HERE!!!

The new year came in with a BANG, or with a nudge from Johnny telling me to wake up. I spent my new years eve with a few of my very favorite people. We had a nice dinner a couple glasses of wine, and some laughs and that was good enough for me!

The only thing I was upset about what the fact that I took ZERO pictures and I had a camera in my purse the entire time PLUS my Mom got me this super duper fancy shmancy camera for Christmas. I really, really, really need to start taking some pictures. My Mom is the ultimate photographer and when she takes out her camera I feel quite important, almost like a celebrity and the paparazzi is following me.

Each year my family starts our new year in a special way. January 1st is my Mothers birthday. Boy, do I love that woman. This year for her birthday we tried to surprise her with a "professional" picture of myself and my 2 siblings. Taa-daaa, here it is...

Not too shabby...

Anyway, here's to 2012. Bring it on baby!!! I am hopeful that this will be MY year (fingers and toes crossed).
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