Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They're Home!!!

Finally! I can unload.

My roommates parents have been away. I can not express how happy I am that they will be home tonight at 6:30. What a hectic life style those two live. Lots of responsibility. Lots of responsibility that I was responsible for the past 5 days.

I decided not to post about my parents being away until they got home. Why? Well, I was always told not to publicly notify when I was going on vacation- especially on facebook. So I figured the rules still stood while my parents were gone. Plus, I was scared that someone might try and rob the place. Truth be told, I am kind of a scaredy cat. Once A couple times Sometimes while driving at night I feel like someone is hiding in my backseat. In return, I drive with the lights on.

Anyway, back to my point. My parents are coming home. Such a sigh of relief!!! Taking care of my 17 year old brother was quite the nightmare. I never want teenagers. Ew.

Mom, Dad...

You know what they say, "Home is where the piles of laundry and dishes are"....no?
(I actually did loads of laundry and washed plenty of dishes)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

One of the perks to being an aspiring teacher is the week long breaks...the weeks well deserved I might add. Whether you are somewhere tropical, warm, or sitting home and watching the Bravo channel all week, it is nice to re-coop.

I did not get the opportunity to go away this week. I will admit I am quite jealous of those who went away. The common destination, Florida. Ahhh, someday..someday.

My week flew by and believe it or not, I got a lot done. Between dinner, shopping at the outlets, a lot of cleaning, catching up with some friends, and beer tasting, I also made time for SOME work. I tutored and made it to the gym 4 times. Yep, you read it f-o-u-r times. Can I get a thank God hallelujah?

The down fall of this vacation? Spending money that I do NOT have. I did make the decision to not buy any more winter clothing except for a new pair of grey boots. Wishful thinking.

 Instead, I had my eye on a few thing for Spring...

How do we feel about colored pants?

Source: shopbop.com via Tara on Pinterest

Spring vacation, where you at?
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