Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You

To all the Veterans out there, thank you.

So many times we take for granted the little things in life. It's selfish of us, as Americans, to not recognize those who are, and who have fought for our country. For some people, today is just a day off from school and/or work. I admit, sometimes I sweat the small things, and forget about others who have it far worse than me. Think of the families who are separated due to their selfless acts. Imagine.

Being a substitute teacher, I had the day off. However, yesterday the students put on a Veterans Day assembly, which was very touching. Granted I can cry at the drop of a hat, but these kids left me with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.

Think of a group of kids singing, "It's a Wonderful World," "Proud to Be an American," or "American Soldier". How touching. It was such a nice gesture and the veterans who were in attendance were very appreciative and thankful for the students and teachers consideration.

So, when you think life is tough for you...imagine life without your loved one(s). Think of the families separated because their significant other is fighting for YOU!

Thank you Veterans, for all that you do.


Do you ever wonder where we'd be without technology? I can remember when we got our first computer. I forget how old I was exactly, perhaps fifth grade? "I'm really showing my age"- I've never have the opportunity to ever say that before.

Any who, let’s say for the sake of argument that it was in fifth grade when my parents bought us our first computer. It was Christmas morning; we opened all our gifts and went to my Grandparents house. When we returned home, there were 3 HUGE boxes in our living room, that "Santa, must have forgotten to drop these off." When we tore off the paper there stood 1 super large computer screen, 1 super size monitor, and 1 super large printer. We were so happy.

Back in the day, we had to get permission to use the computer. My sister and I shared an AOL username, TnEgals. One time, I lied to my mom about using the computer without permission. That was HORRIBLE. My punishment for lying was that I couldn't go to the "Spring Fling." I had to return my dress and everything. Mother Theresa doesn't fool around (or at least she didn't). Ever since then I thought twice about lying to my mom.

I can remember my first cell phone, too. It was the summer before 11th grade. I know, totally deprived. I saved enough money from my summer job to buy a track phone, a pre-paid phone. I literally had to duck while walking through doorways with the antennae on this thing. Massive.

Today, 8 year olds have cell phones and phones better than mine! Kids these days don't have proper social skills because of technology. If you don't believe me, talk to my brother (sorry, Ty). They just are incapable of holding a conversation with another individual.

Sometimes I wonder if there wasn't such a thing as MySpace, or Facebook, would I have been able to get my work done faster? Would I have wasted hours on the computer doing absolutely nothing? Probably not.

Besides all the technology gadgets, there is another language. Which I hate by the way. I am guilty of using the "LOL", but that's because I don't want to write "haha." That extra letter just puts me off the edge. I mean really, "LMAO"? I don't think so, not physically possible. The kicker, "smh." I hate that. I absolutely hate that. Why are you shaking your head? Do you normally shake your head at things that bother you? Ugh, annoying. In spite of the "smh," my sister and I use a different acronym, "tmf." This is otherwise known as, "tapping my foot." Get real people. Erica and I typically make a mockery out of these people and speak this ridiculous language to our mother, she's catching on.

Any who, TTYL!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Under Construction

Don't be fooled. Based on the background of this blog you may be thinking this page is BORING, but it's not. It is just under construction!!!

Wear This, Not That, Wednesday

Welcome to my FIRST "Wear This, Not That, Wednesday!!!! You did not asked for it, so here it is...

To make it clear, I am not, by any means "A Fashionista"- or whatever you kids are calling it these days, but I have my opinions about what should and/or shouldn't be worn.

To kick things off, I figured that I would point out some fashion mishaps that I am responsible for. Based on a previous blog "Cry Baby Tara", you might be surprise that as a child I had some pretttttty bad outfits. I think after the age of 8 or 9, my mom let me wear whatever I wanted, which is unfortunate. If something is working, why change it?

My mother supported me wearing a.n.y. type of  sweat suit possible. I had them all. Every color, every type of fabric, every kind. AND if you were a friend of mine in my younger years, you better believe you were getting a sweat suit for your birthday. 

This is me, in the ALL yellow. That lucky girl standing next to me (Jessica, sorry if you are reading this) must have invited me to her Birthday Party and received her awesome sweat suit. 

Not only are these suits, one solid color, but they are definitely NOT form fitting. It looks like I am wrapped in a yellow Snuggie. Please note, Keds were also a must have in my younger years.

There is more where this came from, and for all you who are saying "that's not so bad," you are in denial.

Monday, November 7, 2011

How May I Help You?

If you work anywhere where you greet or are paid to assist or help anyone, but a smile on your face.

I believe JFK said something along the lines of, "Ask not what you can do for me, but what you can do for yourself." Clearly I know those aren't the correct words, but it portrays the same meaning.

I was in the doctor's office last week (why I was at the doctors is a whole other story) when I was "greeted" by Rudey Trudy. Trudy, did not say "hello" instead, she stared until I greeted her. The only time she spoke to me was when she asked for my co-payment, which is a After her obligations with me were over, she turned to her neighbor and spoke about what happened with some gentleman (doubtful) and the events from the night prior. Umm, If I am in the waiting room I shouldn't hear your loud, inappropriate conversation- and to paint you a picture of who else was waiting in the waiting room, the average age (with the exclusion of myself) was about 72. 

The rudeness doesn't stop there.

Besides Rudey Trudy at the doctor's office, the bank tellers at Citizens Banks are the absolute rudest people in the entire universe (to clarify this is one specific branch). Negative Nancy, and Pessimistic Pete also have zero social skills. In fact they ask for your account number, how you want your money and No "Hello", no "How are you," or "How can I help you," no "Have a good day," nothing. The only thing they ever do is slam my money or receipt on the counter and/or give a big huff and puff. I hate the huff and puff. Get over yourselves.

I could go on about the rude people, but I don't want  two all of you to think I am a Negative Nancy, or Pessimistic Pete, and certainly not a Rudey Trudy. The only thing I am suggesting is that people try to be happy. Happiness and being polite go a long way, especially in the world of customer service.

While we're on the same topic of happiness, Kim Kardashian- you are pathetic. I know that you shouldn't believe everything you read (except this blog, of course), and that there are tons of allegations about the Kardashian/Humphries wedding, but Kim- you will never be happy until you stop thinking you are the "Princess of the World," you my friend need to step off your pedestal and appreciate people, its not all about the money honey.

Good grief!    

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