Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Mirror mirror on the wall, who gives the dirtiest looks of all?

Lets talk about RUDENESS! I hate when people give me dirty looks. It's pretty obvious when you blatantly stare and make the mean, distorted facial expression. I mean...I may have given a "look" a time or two in my day, but I am not a fan of being the victim. In my daily life I seem to receive "the look" from a wide range of individuals...my brother, sister, mother, 6 year olds, 24 year olds, 40+ year olds..and it happens about every day of my life.

I've been told by my mom that sometimes it may appear that I may be giving a dirty look, which I find offensive and totally wrong. In my defense, I tell her that that's just the way I look all.the.time. Also, I am visually impaired so I often squint and raise my eyebrows (to help me see, of course). So in actuality I take it as a major insult.
**Side note- I can't read lips, I tell people this constantly. So if you expect me to understand what you're saying when you move your lips without any sound, don't expect an honest answer because I am probably just going to nod and say "uh-huh"**

So what I am trying to say is instead of being RUDE and making a hideous face at me, just smile. In return I will try to do the same.

In totally different news... after signing on to my yahoo account today, I found this article that I wanted to share. These over the top baby nurseries can be yours at just a small price. Oh please, give--me--a--break.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday's are very special to me. The only thing that sucks about Sunday's is just that Monday is the next day- and nobody likes a Monday.

For as long as I can remember Sundays have been about Family. Every Sunday we have a family dinner at about 5:30. It's usually the only time that we are all together for dinner the entire week. Which is kind of sad. In my dream world, I think that families should sit down for dinner together every night. I know it's very hard to do, especially as everyone grows older. Everyone has their own agenda and are busy within their own lives. Oh well, at least I am able to have 1 night with my whole family for dinner.

Before I go on, I should mention that when I refer to "everyone eating a home cooked meal" exclude my brother, Tyler. He is the pickiest eater I know. His diet consists of Mac and Cheese (Kraft ONLY), bagels, pizza, chicken nuggets, and he's usually pretty good about breakfast foods...minus bacon, eggs, or sausage...although he claims that he has eaten a bite of bacon before (not true).

Besides the home cooked meal, the conversation at the dinner table is like no other. My Grandmother attends Sunday night dinner- except when it's something she doesn't like. She is one character, let me tell you. I know I have mentioned that in a previous blog (Meet the Jefferson's), but she is indescribable. There is just no other way to put it. Last week, she mentioned that she was considering the idea of dating. I am 75% sure she was joking and was trying to get a rise out of us, but I was sure to tell her how I felt about that little idea that she had. Hell to the NO. At 74 years old, and widowed for 5 years, I think that a companionship is acceptable, but nothing more. Oh, that woman! You never know what might come out of her next!

Love you Gram!

On another note, I really enjoy the song " Keep Your Head Up." Up until today I had no idea who sang it, but I think it should be my theme song. What do you think?

Halloween Part I.

As I get older, I am appreciating Fall more and more. It is now my favorite time of the year! In my opinion, Summer is soooo last season. I'm over it. Part of the reason I enjoy Fall so much is because my birthday is in October of Halloween!! I think about costume ideas for month prior to the holiday, and I must be honest, I am quite annoying. I ask for everyone's (especially my cousin Alyssa's) opinion- and I ask for their opinion about a hundred times. What can I say, I'm just trying to out beat my costume from the years before!

Besides dressing up, I like all the festivities that Halloween/Fall has to offer. Haunted rides, pumpkin carving, apples, leaves falling, cooler weather, football...just to name a few. I think that whenever I have children(decades from now- I'm sure) I will be one of those over the top Moms. Not something I am looking forward to, but I think its going to happen. I'll be the type of Mom that volunteers to bake dozens of cupcakes, and hand sew costumes for class plays.

Any who...this weekend I went to a Halloween party. It was such a good time! Halloween is even more enjoyable when you have friends who enjoy dressing up just as much as you do. This year 4 of us dressed up as an infamous rock band, perhaps you might know of the band KISS!?!?!? It was a lot of fun. We looked like this...
Didn't our costumes come out great? I think so.

In addition to dressing the part, I also baked cupcakes. I saw a few decorating tips on line. They didn't come out as good as I hoped, but they sure were delish! Here's how they looked.
They were supposed to be little gravestones and mummies. They look okay, I suppose.

To give you a glimpse of how much I enjoy fun costumes, and preparing for Halloween, let me give you a blast from the past. Take a look at my costumes from the past 2 years!

Cotton Candy- that costume was super easy and super cheap!

Break Dancer- very comfortable.

This is only part I to my Halloween. Next week I will be attending another Halloween party. For that occasion, I will be going less original- more girly. 
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