Monday, October 10, 2011

Here Goes Nothing...

Mic..check, check.

Lord, what have I gotten myself into? I've been finding out lately, that I have been wasting too much of my time doing absolutely nothing. Watching E!, Bravo, and surfing facebook for constant new feeds does not constitute as a productive day, it actually translates to being a loser (sorry to offend anyone). I recently turned the BIG 2-4, which I still can't believe. Talking about getting old.

Anywho..I recently graduated from College...6 long years. To top it off, I went to school for teaching, along with 1,000,000,000,000 other people. Therefore I am currently subbing and tutoring, basically doing all I can to pay off my school loans. Whoever said going to college would get you a great job, and a promising future LIED. For those who don't know (which really annoys me- get up with your current events people!) there has been major layoffs and cuts to funds for schools, therefore there are no jobs for teachers, therefore no jobs for me. Heres hoping to a change in the economy!

What I am trying to say is...I need a hobby. I've been told by several people, my Mom and Johnny  that finding something that interests me will make me happier and keep me busy. Because I am broke, shopping can no longer be a hobby of mine. Instead, I have chosen to write. I have always enjoyed writing. It's easier for me to express myself through writing than with actual words. I am currently a follower of my cousin Ashley and my friend Ericas blogs. Ashley blogs alot about funny stories and memories of her family. She's really a great writer and a mom which shows on her page. Erica chooses to blog about different crafts and DIY projects. Everytime I read hers I think to myself.."I wish I could do that," or "I hope I can decorate my home like that (when I have my own house in a million years)." So the big question is...WHAT WILL I BLOG ABOUT?!?

I think that I will write about whatever I am thinking and feeling, this will be my page with my opinions. I hope to not offend or bore anyone. Instead, I hope you find humor in my thoughts and stories.


  1. This is just exhilarating!! I'm just testing to see how I can comment in the mind is racing with ideas for you to blog about....sensational

  2. Sorry Tara, the previous comment is MINE not Tara's

  3. Good for you Tara, very excited for you. I wish you luck with it, can't wait to read your blogs. Love ya!!

    PS: If you run out of ideas you can always blog about my rumors LOL

  4. Thanks, girls! I will take any/all suggestions and rumors :)

  5. Your new blog is so cute! I just started mine a couple of weeks ago, and have learned that there are some really nice people in the blog world! So welcome, and I look forward to reading your posts!
    xo Steph

  6. Steph,
    Thanks so much for the encouragement. I will be sure to check out your blog. :)


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