Thursday, October 13, 2011


A request has been made...

To give you a glimpse of my life and the luck I seem to have, let me tell you about my carefree very eventful trip to Boston with my cousin Alyssa. (Being as I just started blogging, this story is a month overdue, but worth me telling you about it.)

For the past 3 summers my cousin Alyssa has visited from Arizona. Each time she comes we try to plan a girls weekend. For 2 of these weekends we went to New York City. Each time was a success. Easy, breezy, no problems. This year we decided to go to Boston. We thought that we would change it up a bit (word to the wise...change is NEVER good). We decided that we would go to Boston on Labor Day Weekend. Perfect idea! We would follow the steps of our forefathers and walk the Freedom Trail. Sounded great, right?! We thought so too.

To save money (or so I thought) I decided taking my car would be the best option. I have a new car, and it's always been reliable...reliable until that day, Friday September 2nd.

Here's how the trip went...

After driving for about 2 hours and 45 minutes and after paying the final toll on the thruway I noticed that something didn't feel right. Whenever I put my foot on the gas it wouldn't accelerate. My foot was literally pushed down on the pedal that was touching the floor of my car, literally flooring it. I thought to myself "hmm..maybe its because I've been driving at a high speed for close to 3 hours, maybe my car's just adjusting." Nope. At the time I thought it made perfectly good sense. Why would my car that is only a year and a half old not run properly? It HAD to be my most absurd reasoning as to why my car wasn't working correctly.

Anyway, I was able to continue to drive a little further. We stopped at our first light, and what do you know..when the light turned green my car took forrreverrrr to start moving. Weird. At this point I'm finding that my reasoning might not be why my car isn't running properly. BUT, we were moving so I didn't think twice...

Perhaps I should have stopped while I was ahead. As I turned onto the one way ramp, that was under construction, leading to the Boston University Bridge, I started to panic because I quickly realized my car was acting up again. Half way up the one way ramp my car would. not. move. At this point I turned to my cousin Alyssa and must have given her the look that I was going to LOSE it. She calmly said "don't cry." At that exact moment, Alyssa and I started jolting and thrusting our bodies back in forth in a motion that we thought would make my car magically move up the ramp. I didn't work. Immediately after, horns started honking. Mind you, it is the Friday before Labor Day weekend at about 2:30pm. Perrrrfectt. Being that this was a one way ramp and was under construction and was leading into Boston you can imagine the scene. Cars on top of car, heavy traffic.

As these thoughts are continuously running through my mind I hear a tapping on my window. I turn to notice a woman standing at the side of my car.  As I roll down my window the woman says, "Excuse me is there a problem?" I kindly respond (with a crackling voice and a lump in my throat) "yes, actually there is. My car will not move." As this is going on she reaches for the door handle and says "Get out let me try." Now I'm thinking to myself,"no way in hell am I letting some stranger drive my car- what is she possibly going to do that I can't?" Next thing you know... I'm standing outside of my car and she has her foot on the gas pedal NOT.MOVING (Alyssa is still sitting in the passenger side of the car). Part of me wants to scream at her and tell her I wasn't joking about my car not working and the other part is semi-relieved that my car didn't move because, my cousin was in the car and I believe that would be called a car hijacking. As the girl steps out of my car she reassures me that my car is not working, duh.

In the corner of my eye I see a construction worker heading our way. Naturally he asks what's wrong, when really anyone/everyone knows my car was broken down on the ramp, causing bumper to bumper, stand-still traffic. Next thing I know, he and this random Boston lady are pushing my car. They were able to push my car between 2 cones within the construction site. After my car was nestled away, these two individuals disappear, and the traffic started moving. 

Now that we are out of the way of traffic, we decided we will call for help, but who shall we call? We are three hours away. As I go to use my phone, I realize I have NO service. Not a single bar. Alyssa luckily has 2 phones (one for work, and one for personal use), ironically one of her phones isn't working either. Apparently there is another Bermuda Triangle, but located in Boston. Luckily, her business phone was working- Hallelujah. As we are panicking to get a hold of Triple A, and/or a Nissan dealership- we realize that time is a major issue because after today nothing will be opened until Monday because of the holiday weekend. Finally, we get ahold of Triple A and they tell us that they will be there in "25 minutes." As we are waiting for our tow truck, 2 more construction workers pass by and stop to see if they can help. Again, a stranger asks if he can get in my naturally I let him. However, this time my car moves..only in reverse. As he barely makes it back to our safe and snug resting place, he again tells me "something's wrong with your car, sorry we couldn't help but we're getting out of here it's Labor Day Weekend."

Finally after an HOUR AND A HALF Tripple A finally comes!

Because my car is under warranty I was able to bring it to a Nissan Dealership, for FREE service and luckily for me, they were open on Saturday and promised me that if it was fixable, they would have it ready for me that day!!! The downside, the cab fare from our hotel to the dealership (that was 25 minutes away) was NOT free.

The diagnosis: A loose wire.
The silver lining: I didn't have to pay for parking at the hotel that night ; )

                                                            Meet Eldon, our Savior!!

Thumbs down to breaking down.

To sum up the weekend, it was quite eventful, and ended up turning out to be a great time. It is definitely a trip that I will remember forever. 

I realize that this is extremely long, so I hope you at least were able to enjoy my story. If not, I am sorry that you wasted so much of your time.


  1. Will be tough topping this memory for next summer's trip!

    And you forgot about the best part of the breakdown: the delicious Nissan chocolate chip cookies! ;)

  2. Oh that is right! Those complimentary cookies were delish!


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