Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here's a Thought...

I don't know what it is lately, but my blog life has been quite dull. Luckily for for me, unfortunately for you- I haven't experienced any embarrassing moments, no body has screamed obscene words to me across random parking lots, and I haven't been living it up..so to speak. And... I am quite aware that I probably just jinxed myself and will have a plethora of unfavorable events happen to me today.

Any who, I have discovered 2 new interests. The first being TCBY. Apparently TCBY has been around for a while, but to me I thought the sign read "Toby" (I have horrible vision) and had no clue that it was really TCBY- an acronym for 'The Country's Best Yogurt."

If you haven't been to a TCBY- I suggest you get yourself there. It's the healthier alternative to ice cream. The entire wall is full of ice cream levers and flavors and different toppings (anything that you can imagine, even things that I wouldn't think about topping my frozen yogurt with) that you can help yourself to.

My second interest is more of a thought. Because I am sooooo disappointed with this years winter weather, and that stupid Mother Nature. I feel like I should put my frustration into something positive. Perhaps writing??? I think it would make a great children's book, "The Winter it Never Snowed". Not a shabby title, or idea.



  1. I LOVE TCBY. Is there one around here?

  2. Yes, Cori! It is by Hana on Western Ave.

  3. If you like TCBY, you'd LOVE 16 Handles located in the same plaza HLC is in! I'm obsessed! You should check it out online! (thats assuming you haven't already been there)!

  4. Katie, I haven't been there...simply because I will be there every day I am working at HLC. I have no discipline.


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