Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Talent Shmalent

In college at the start of a new semester in every class, the professor would start the class off in the most awkward, most embarrassing way. "Please introduce yourself, and tell the class one interesting fact about yourself." Ummm... no thanks, I rather pass. That isn't what I said obviously, but if I wasn't such a wimp..I totally would have.

As the class would share their really cool facts, I would be sweating and stressing out about what I would say. Maybe, the rest of my classmates facts weren't really that cool, but I wasn't paying attention. I was scampering through my years of existence searching for a fun fact about myself.

The same thing comes to mind when I watch pageants, or interviews. How is everyone else so much cooler than ME!?!? Just recently I was teasing my brother because he signed up for a pageant/talent show, Mr Rensselaer. I know what you're thinking. Where's Rensselaer? and... What is Mr Rensselaer? For myself, my biggest question was "What is Tyler's talent going to be?"  The talent is still a mystery. I will have to find out with the rest of the nation  1000s of people  all of Rensselaer 50 other people who will be attending this Saturday.

I am guessing it will be baton twirling, or singing, maybe lip singing, or a cheer, like everyone else's "talent." I mean, come on people. Let's make things interesting. Step outside of the box for cripes sake.

Have you ever seen Little Miss Sunshine? It is the best movie. The little girl, Olive Hoover (great name) wants to compete in a beauty pageant. However, they miss the boat on the concept of what a pageant actually is. Her talent act on the other hand, perfection!

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