Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your Thighs on Cheese

Have you ever seen this billboard?

I was caught off guard when I saw this bad boy. I even took a picture of it on my phone, but because I am the only 24 year old who isn't technology advanced I was unable to upload it. Instead, I was able to find it on Google- for your viewing pleasure.

There are two things I want to know...1. Who would ever pose for this ad? 2. Why does cheese have to be so detrimental to your body?

While on break this week, I was able to watch Dr. Oz. He was giving "tips" on what to eat to help lose weight in your derriere. Want to know his advice? He suggested eating more carbs and drinking tea that suppresses your appetite. Basically. That was the gist of his hour spiel. What a crock!

To top it off, there were women of all sizes standing in their panties. Why do women subject themselves to such humility? It is possible that they have a ton of confidence, but standing in your underwear, on national TV...not my idea of a good time.

Cheese,'s BAD for your health...unfortunately :(


  1. These billboards are ridiculous. They are promoting a vegan lifestyle however you cannot get the message by saying this is you on cheese! There was a lot of talk about them when they were first put up on the radio that's the only reason I know ! Personally they don't scream become a vegan to me!

  2. I love these ads. Maybe more people in the Capital District should convert to veganism. I think it would benefit them greatly. Maybe think outside the box a little bit?


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