Friday, January 6, 2012

Not Good Enough for MTV

Remember that MTV show,"Made"?  The contestants had like a month or so to magically find their hidden talent? I apparently didn't get picked because I have yet to find my hidden talent.

During my younger years. I tried out dance. I stuck with it for 5 years. You might be wondering...was I any good? That is neither here nor there.  I stuck out like a sore thumb. NOT because of my dancing ability, I will stress that. I was just so awkward looking. Mouth full of braces, extremely thin and for some reason, I had an enormous head, and was taller than the rest. 

Notice Erica's bowl-cut...

See what I mean?

Any who... One time in college, years back (joking) I had to take a public speaking class. However, the class was more like a drama class...or a time for you to absolutely humiliate yourself. My professor (who was a comedian at the time- you can find his skits on YouTube..bizarre) told us that he could tell what kind of person we were by the way we walked. Individually, each person had to walk around the room and be evaluated. My professor told me he could tell I was a dancer. to avoid anymore more embarrassment or conversation in front of the entire class, I agreed. Little did he, or any of my class know that I danced throughout 1st-5th grade.

The only dancing I do now is behind close, locked, bolted doors, or when I have had a couple drinks *drink responsibly* Occasionally I go to Zumba classes, or take a "Body Jam" class at my gym. After leaving either of those classes I pretend that I have just left the choreography studio and that I will be in the next Lady Gaga music video.

One can dream. What is your secret talent?

MTV I want to be MADE!!!

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  1. You're famous for saying guys I just want to dance!


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