Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pay it Forward

Does anyone else get super emotional around the holidays? Anyone? Anyone?  I seem to get teary eyed every time I see or hear anything emotional.

While watching Kendall Jenner's Super Sweet 16 tonight I almost cried when she hugged Bruce after passing her road test. For cripes sake, Tara! That's an all time low for me. I can't even stand that show, especially that Kim Kardashian.

You know that song, Christmas Shoes? That song is soooo sad. It breaks my heart every time I hear it on the radio. I get the same reaction when I hear Butterfly Kisses. Whats really been pulling at my heartstrings are these secret shoppers I keep hearing about. Random people are paying off the balances of lay-aways. More recently its been happening in K-marts across the country. Country? Or is it the state of New York?

Anyway, the point is that people are spreading the holiday spirit through random acts of kindness and I want to participate! Can I donate as much as these secret shoppers? Probably not. What I plan on doing is perhaps going to a drive-thru and paying for the balance of the vehicle behind me.

I tried to tonight at Starbucks. But, a word to the wise...nobody uses the drive-thru at Starbucks at 8:30pm. I will try to spread some cheer tomorrow. Perhaps you should too!!!!

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  1. First time reader here. Yes, it definitely happening across the country. It's an incredible act of kindness and I can't get enough hearing about things like that. My father, being the man that he is, does something similar every year. He buys like $200 or $300 worth of grocery cards and stands at the front of the store and hands them out to people who he thinks might need a little help.
    So I, trying to be more like the man my father is, tried my own anonymous charity act this past week did something similar to what you tried doing. I went to subway, ate my lunch and stayed there and walked up to the counter every time someone was about to pay for the food and asked them if I could buy their lunch for them. It worked about half the time ( I did it for about 30 mins). Half seemed insulted or looked at me strangely but the other half, after understanding it was nothing more than one person trying to do something in the name of season of giving, finally let me pay for them.
    Point being, there's a million ways you can go about trying to do random acts of kindness, and I don't think any of them are bad ideas. They may not always work, but keep trying, hopefully it pays off.
    And p.s. Not to many people eat lunch at subway at 3:00 in the afternoon!


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